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Ústav pro klasickou arecheologii
Ústav pro klasickou arecheologii


Welcome students!

Your primary tool in organizing your studies at the Institute of Classical Archaeology will be the Study Information System, where you can view course annotations and syllabi, build personalized lecture schedules, look up teachers and students, enroll for classes, and receive grades. For more information on how to go about organizing your studies, please click the appropriate link depending on whether your degree program is in Czech or another language.

In most of the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, courses are taught and examinations taken in Czech.

An ever-growing number of departments offers courses in English and other major languages, while at some departments, this has been the case for many years. In doctoral programs, depending on the subject, Czech may not even be a prerequisite at all.

Study Plans

Your degree program will proceed according to a specific study plan. You may take the courses in any order, although it is recommended to take the introductory courses first and save specializations for later. However, not all courses will be taught in a given academic year; please contact your study advisor for further information in this regard. Additionally, master's degree students are advised to take all courses offered in that particular academic year; some courses are taught on a bi-annual basis. The following study plans are accredited at the Institute of Classical Archaeology:

Single-subject degree Credits Combined degree Credits
Undergraduate (Bc.) in Classical Archaeology 180 Undergraduate (Bc.) in Classical Archaeology and combination of choice 90+90
Undergraduate (Mgr.) in Classical Archaeology 120 Undergraduate (Mgr.) in Classical Archaeology and combination of choice 60+60
Postgraduate (PhD.) in Classical Archaeology


Useful Links

Study Regulations (.pdf) - an official document that explains how degree programs are organized at the Faculty of Arts

Rules, Regulations and Forms for your studies at the Faculty of Arts web page

Registrar of the Faculty of Arts - for enrolled students

International Office - for visiting students