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Ústav pro klasickou arecheologii
Ústav pro klasickou arecheologii

About the Institute

The Institute of Classical Archaeology offers courses and conducts research in a variety of fields. Apart from the Ancient art and archaeology of what is known as the Classical world itself (that is, the Mediterranean area, or Greece and Italy), these are: relations between Central Europe and the Mediterranean, relations between the Mediterranean and the Middle East/Central Asia, Roman provincial archaeology, and the traditions of Antiquity in Czech and European art and architecture.

Classical Archaeology is the study of the material culture of the Greek and Roman periods of Antiquity, from the Bronze Age to the Early Medieval Period. This includes the Minoan and Mycenaean cultures of the Aegean, the early Iron Age (Dark Ages), Archaic and Classical periods in the Eastern Mediterranean, and the Hellenistic period. On the Apenine Peninsula, Classical Archaeology encompasses the cultures of the Early Iron Age (e.g. the Villanova Culture), Etruscan archaeology, and the archaeology of the Roman Republic and Principate. Roman provincial archaeology is included under the umbrella of Classical Archaeology as part of the broader picture, mapping the contacts of the Mediterranean area with Central Europe and other regions. 

Classical Archaeology is taught in this scope at our Institute.

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