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Ústav pro klasickou arecheologii
Ústav pro klasickou arecheologii

Undergraduate (Mgr.) Degree Program

Mgr. in Classical Archaeology

Mgr. in Classical Archaeology and combination of choice


Welcome candidates! For a quick overview, please see the How to Apply section at the Charles University web page, with requirements, links to degree programs, and deadlines.


The admissions procedure consists of one round only and is conducted in the form of an interview.


Candidates are asked about their bachelor's thesis and its conclusions and their current outlook in pursuit of a topic for their master's thesis.

Candidates are also qiuzzed in conversation on their knowledge of Aegean, Greek, Etruscan and Roman archaeology. With respect to topic of the candidate's bachelor's thesis, candidates should demonstrate substantial knowledge in their area of interest, as well as a general knowledge of Classical Archaeology at an undergraduate bachelor's degree level.

For the interview, candidates are required to present the bibliography of their bachelor's thesis.

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