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Ústav pro klasickou arecheologii
Ústav pro klasickou arecheologii


Library opening times in the 2016/2017 Summer Semester (5.11.-22.12.2016).

Library will be on 8th December 2016 closed, on 9th December will be opened to 16:00



10:00-12:00 and 13:30-17:30






10:00-12:00  and 12:30-14:30  



12:30-14:00  and 16:00-17:30 







Librarian: Martina Tvrzová, tel. +420 221 619 724; email:

N. B. Due to ongoing lectures in Room 343/C, the library will be available in Room 340/C on Mondays (9:10 – 18:20), Tuesdays (9:10 – 15:50), Wednesdays (9:10 – 15:50), Thursdays (9:10 – 16:40) and Fridays (9:10 – 13:20). Because several library signatures are located in Room 343/C, it is necessary to request these signatures at least one day in advance via e-mail to in order for them to be prepared in Room 340/C for study.

The following library signatures are subject to such advance request: 14 A; 16 U; 17 K; 17 Q; 18 N; 18 O; 18 Z; 21 B; 36 K; 37 B, D; 39 A-G + large formats; 41 B, C; 42 D; 42 H; 42 I; 43 B; 54 N; 57 A-B + large formats; 58 A-D; 64 B; 65 A-B; 67 A, B, C, G, H, I + small formats; 74 A; 80 E, F + large formats; 87 A-N + large formats.

Searching for library signatures

Volumes acquired by the library prior to 2001 may be found in the card catalog, ordered by author/editor surname or publication title. Volumes acquired by the library after 2001 may be found in the Charles University central digital catalog[R1] .

Each library book is assigned a book signature. The signatures of all volumes in the library may be found in the online catalog of the Institute for Classical Archaeology library (Arcis).

Examples: for books: 58 B 39; for journals: 16 A or 19 C 2; in the Arcis database: 19C002.

The library offers a study room with 10 seating spaces and 2 computers with internet access; during lecture times, six seats are available in the Institute office.

Basic information

The library houses more than 14 000 volumes from the field of classical archaeology and related disciplines; most of them are books and periodicals. The corpus is divided into 30 units that are further categorized (see List of signatures). The library functions in accordance with the Library Lending Policy of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University.

Our collection of periodicals consists of 320 titles published since 1824. The library has 39 currently published journals at its disposal. This collection may not be lent out from the library, as it is for reference study only (see List of journals).

The collection of bachelor’s and master’s theses, doctoral dissertations and habilitation theses comprises about 160 titles (see List of bachelor’s theses and List of  master’s theses, dissertations, and habilitation theses). This collection is for reference study only and is subject to a special study policy.

Catalogues and databases:

Online catalogue of monographs in ARCIS. Includes cca 90% of all books.

University online catalogue (see the manual for this catalogue and managing your user account)

Digital resource portal - database, e-books and journals (manual for remote access)

University digital repository - contains digital versions of theses defended at Charles University in Prague

Metalib - parallel search tool for Charles University information resources

Elektra - digital portal for Faculty of Arts study materials

Faculty of Arts Central Library

General information on library services – Libraries of the Faculty of Arts including online catalogs of monographs, journals and thesis works.

Lending policy

Faculty of Arts Library Lending Policy

Further information

List of periodicals available in the Institute for Classical Archaeology library.

Overiew of book signatures and their contents in the Institute library.

New arrivals in 2011

New arrivals in 2012

New arrivals in 2013

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